Why is it important to get your keywords right?

Use Relevant Keywords

As SEO experts we regularly read highly entertaining and relevant blog posts. The frustration comes when we see that the author has completely forgotten to use relevant keywords. Keywords are essential to ensure that your blog or website copy is “picked up” by the spiders that crawl the web and pull it into search engine results.

Would you own a high street retail unit and leave the shutters down?

Without relevant keywords, your website copy or blog can be likened to a shop which has it’s roller shutters down. It’s open and the service or product is available inside but it cannot be seen from the high street (Google).

Knowing your keywords

In the workshops and training sessions we run, we highlight the importance of good keyword research. We ask our clients to put themselves in the customers’ shoes. What would they type into Google to find your website?

For example, a divorce lawyer might optimise for the keyphase “family lawyer huddersfield”. They think it’s a good keyphrase to include in copy to enable their clients to find them in web searches. In reality, a customer looking for family law advice might type in phrases like “divorce huddersfield”, “divorce lawyer” or even “how do I get divorced?”

To target some of these keywords, you could write a blog called “how do I get divorced?”. Using the phrase (in the right places) in the text will ensure that Google knows you cover this topic. You’ll be more likely to be found on the first page if your clients type it in the search bar!

You have to think like your customers!

There are ways in which to check that you are using the correct keywords and search phrases. We can carry out thorough keyword research on your behalf. We also can show you how to do it yourself on a 1-2-1 basis or during one of our upcoming workshops HERE.

Search Engine Optimisation is a real skill and it useful to everyone who has a website. Getting your keyword research right is a great place to start.

Our upcoming workshops, “Understanding Google Search Console and Google Analytics” will help you to choose relevant keywords. This means that the right people will find your website. In turn, the number of positive enquiries from your website will increase. Your website will do it’s job properly and begin to generate genuine leads.

To find out more about how to attract the right type of visitors to your website, Get In Touch Today, or BOOK on to one of our workshops via the Perfect People website.

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