Where should I post my business blog?

Blogging for Business

This is the third post in our “Blogging for Business” series. This week we’re looking at the best places to post your blog content so that you can get the most value out of it. We’ve put together a list of three top places to post your blog; your own website, other people’s websites (as a guest blogger) and social media.

So, you’re at that stage where you understand how important content marketing is; you know the worth of a high-value strategy; you’re in full swing when it comes to ideas.

Over the previous weeks we’ve discussed:

  • Keyword research
  • Content calendars
  • Imagery

As with the earlier blogs in this series, it comes down to one main consideration: your audience.

You know who your audience is, and you know why they’re reading your content, so now we need to post it to the places they’re most likely going to see it.

1.    Posting your blog on your own website

This seems like the most obvious one, but many businesses have not yet incorporated a blog section into their websites. Of course, you don’t have to call it a blog; call it “News”, “Latest” or even “Updates”.

The first thing to consider when thinking about where to post your blog is this: why are you writing a business blog?

You could use a blog or a regular news update on your website to communicate in detail how you deliver unique value to your clients It also adds value for them (your audience); your blog is free information. And it allows you to build trust and confidence around your brand.

If this sounds familiar, then remember: what better way is there to gain trust than providing information regularly and consistently?

The main sections of your website (e.g. About, Contact Us, Services) may not change often. This content is fairly static. On the other hand, your blog section can be updated weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. This presents an opportunity for your audience to see what you’ve been up to. It’s a chance for them to see projects you’ve worked on and keep up to date with industry news through a trustworthy source.

2.  Guest Blogging on other websites

Your blog is posted to your website every two weeks. You have regular readers but think there are more people who would be interested in the content you’re creating – particularly key industry players.

It’s time to contemplate writing a guest blog.

The straightforward definition of ‘guest blogging’ is: writing for another blog as a guest. You contribute content and information to someone else’s blog and in return get a backlink to your own, alongside contact with a wider audience.

For example, if you’re an accountancy firm, you could write a guest blog for AccountingWEB – ‘the largest independent online community for accounting professionals’.

Not only does this link lead to a whole new audience, but it creates a link between your website and another which is considered trustworthy and reliable, leading to search engine optimisation opportunities.

When questioning where to start looking for websites that accept guest posts, think about:

  • Local networking organisations
  • Industry-specific platforms
  • Partners/Suppliers

Many websites that allow guest blogging include guidelines for posts, so make sure you check these out before you start writing!

3.    Share your blog on social media

Writing a blog is an excellent opportunity to link together two different content marketing strategies: your business blog strategy, and your social media strategy.

A platform such as Facebook or Twitter almost performs like a sound-bite of your website. You already post pictures from events you’ve attended and updates about your team, so why not give sharing your blog content a go?

Key things to consider when posting about the blog on social media:

  • Give a ‘sneak-peak’ of your blog post to your audience, not the full thing
  • Try posting the cover image from the blog to make the social media post more eye-catching
  • Always provide a clickable link to the blog, on the post
  • Post about your blog consistently, so that your audience come to expect seeing it

If you’re looking for inspiration for what to write about, or you need help creating a content strategy, speak to a member of the team today. Blogging for business is what we specialise in!

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