Understanding your web page performance

One of the best things about internet marketing is the amount of data we have.

That’s also one of the worst.

Don’t drown in a sea of website metrics

With so much data available to us, we need to figure out which are the important bits.

Our team of SEO experts will help you figure out what your website analytics data means.

We can look at where your web traffic comes from, what people do when they arrive on your site, and which pages are the most popular. This will help you to figure out who is visiting your site and whether or not they’re likely to be genuine leads.

We combine the relevant information into a detailed SEO audit. We’ll then sit down with you and go through the key points and next steps. We want you to really understand how your website is (or isn’t!) working and how it can be improved.

Results-focussed thinking

Monitoring your website analytics also allows us to see what’s working and what isn’t from an SEO perspective. A lot of digital marketing is about trial and error. Using your website analytics we can see which aspects of our SEO strategies are working, and which ones need to be tweaked a little.

If you’re using paid advertising online, we can get an in-depth look at how they’re performing. This includes social media ad campaigns and Google AdWords, as well as other digital advertising campaigns.

Find out more about our SEO audits and website analysis

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