Using the right keywords so your customers can find you

Understanding your audience

First of all, we sit down with you to find out more about your target market. Understanding who you’re looking to work with is really important when it comes to keyword research.

Then we try to put ourselves in your customer’s shoes. Thinking about the keywords they would search for to find you.

We use a variety of tools and techniques to expand on these search terms. We can analyse each keyword to find out which variations are most popular.

For example:

Would you search for a maths tutor or maths tuition?

There are almost 20 times more searches for “maths tutor” compared to “maths tuition”.

We carry out extensive keyword research for each of our clients to make sure we’re optimising for the right terms. If nobody is searching for your keywords, they won’t find you!

Incorporating your keywords

Gone are the days of tricking search engines using “keyword stuffing”.

We focus on providing high quality web content that makes sense to humans AND search engines. Using organic SEO techniques we can target the right audience for your business. This is much more likely to bring in genuine leads.

We use online resources such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console to make sure that you’re being found for the search terms that you want. If you work in a commercial setting (B2B)  but you’re getting domestic enquiries through your website, we can work on that!

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