More relevant keywords,

Better quality leads

Perfect People Group Ltd had a brand facelift at towards the end of 2018. As part of this re-fresh, they had a stunning new website created. We have been working with them over the last few months to improve the quality of their website traffic and help them to understand their customer journey a bit better.

Perfect People Group Ltd are a business networking organisation based in West Yorkshire. After launching their new brand they wanted to be more aware of the return on investment that it was generating. Their new website allows their attendees to book online in advance. This was something they wanted to push. It allows them to plan their networking meetings better and generate revenue in advance. They were also looking to bring in more NEW visitors through the website and grow their wider networking community.

We Achieved

Steadily increasing blog traffic

10% more online bookings

23% more traffic from search engine queries

Better quality traffic through targeted keywords

We’ve been working with Perfect People on a consultancy basis. We have regular meetings with the client to discuss their most pressing website performance issues. As a result, we’ve helped to improve the quality of their website traffic through:

  • Keyword research. Looking at Google Analytics and Search Console Data to make sure that the keywords they’re optimising for are relevant and likely to generate traffic. We also researched competitor keywords for comparison.
  • Website performance analysis. We’ve focussed on key metrics that are important to the client. This has allowed them to make better business decisions. Geographical location data has helped them decide where to set up new meetings. They have used acquisition data to hone their social media marketing strategy. Website traffic information has allowed them to sell more directory entry listings.
  • Blogging training. Adding a regular blog has improved traffic and given them original content for their email marketing campaign and their social media accounts. Director Victoria has attended our group blogging workshop to improve her writing skills and seen fantastic results.

We’ve been advising Perfect People and mentoring them through organic SEO techniques. We didn’t expect a “quick win” as holistic SEO is a long process. The results we’ve seen so far have been steady but positive. We’re looking forward to working with Perfect People more in the future.

“We’re delighted with the work that Bloom have done so far. They’re really easy to work with and always happy to help. I come out of meetings excited and looking forward to implementing the changes we’ve discussed! The keyword research has been a massive help – we didn’t know we were targeting the wrong things! Charlotte has helped us to put together a more comprehensive website performance strategy and it’s starting to show results!”

Victoria, Director

Perfect People Group Ltd

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