Blogging for business; should I give it a go?

Benefits of Blogging

Wherever you look at the moment, every small business seems to be enthusiastically engaged in posting blog articles or regular news updates on their websites. But why has blogging become such a popular trend for small businesses? Today’s article is the first in a new series of posts taking a fresh look at the real-world, bottom-line benefits that blogging can generate for small businesses.

We’ve talked before about content marketing, and the value that developing and publishing content can bring to your business. As a promotional activity, content marketing can refer to the publishing of all sorts of online content and media; from rich, feature-length, industry insights to social media posts to infographics or even video! And, of course, one of the essential core pillars of your content marketing strategy should definitely be your blog!

So, who should be writing a small business blog? Everyone?!

No, not everyone… We tend to find that small business blogging works best of all for small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) in professional services industries. There are a couple of reasons for this:

Blogging works well in sectors that are not very visual.

Let me explain; think about a hotel or restaurant and how they market themselves in a digital world. They’ve got ample opportunity to use visual content (photos/videos) and social media to show off their products and services. If you have an Instagram feed, think about how many food photos you see as you scroll through! But professional services are much less visual. How do you describe what a lawyer or accountant does in a photo? I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve seen professional services businesses post the same stock photos on social media; a handshake, somebody working at a laptop, people in suits looking deep in conversation.

A stock photo fails on most levels. It’s unlikely to attract engaged attention of your highest-value target audiences. It falls short of showcasing your unique brand to your prospective clients and customers. It certainly won’t successfully emphasise what enables your services to stand above the competition. A blog on the other hand… You could use a blog or a regular news update on your website to communicate in detail how you deliver unique value to your clients. Case studies are a fantastic example of this. You can use your blog to explain the services your organisation excels in delivering, how you solve your customers’ problems and where you have enabled personal and business breakthroughs for your clients. You could – and ideally should – include a customer testimonial, adding further credibility to your story. Better than an uninspiring, seen-before stock photo, right?

News articles are a great way to introduce complex topics.

There might be some big changes on the horizon within your industry. For example, accountancy will change dramatically (for small businesses) over the next few years with the introduction of Making Tax Digital.

A blog gives you the opportunity to explain to your clients exactly how they will be affected. It also adds value for them; your blog is free information. And it allows you to build trust and confidence around your brand.

It allows you to focus on your business’s digital personality.

Boring accountants? Stuffy legal professionals? Geeky IT teams? You can use the tone of voice in your blog pieces to counteract the stereotypical, hackneyed impressions of your industry by demonstrating a vibrant, exciting and forward-thinking company vibe. This too can help to distance yourself from your competition and encourage potential new customers to come on board!

Keep following this series of blog posts to discover more reasons to introduce a regular blog to your website! If you’d like to discuss your website content marketing strategy with a member of our team, get in touch on 07747830159 or email

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